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File Formats

  1. na-digest subscriber database

    The subscriber database is an ordinary text file consisting of lines of the form

    lastname, firstname (na.key) email-address

    These lines are sorted lexicographically by lastname then firstname.

  2. Whitepages Database

    The format of the Whitepages Database is as follows:

    1. Each record is separated from the next by a newline.
    2. Each field of the record is separated from the next field by a CR (carraige return, control-M)
    3. Any newlines within a field are represented as control-A.
    It's difficult to read the file, but if the need arises it can be edited with a text editor.

    The fields are, in order:

            last name
            first name
            middle name
            other name
            office address
            office phone
            home address
            home phone
            email address
            date                -- preferably in rfc 822 format
            added by            -- email address of whoever added
                                   the record
Thu Aug 25 09:07:23 EDT 1994