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``anon-shell'' is a very primitive command parser. Basically, it understands c-shell style quoting and globbing (wildcard expansion). When given a command, it splits it up into arguments, expands wildcards on each argument, and then attempts to execute that command. It has a built-in table of commands that it will attempt to run. It will refuse to run any commands that are not in its hard-coded table.

``anon-shell'' also logs every command executed, along with the remote user and host, via the syslog facility. Currently it uses LOG_DAEMON and LOG_INFO. netlib2's syslog currently stores such entries in


``anon-shell'' currently has two commands: rcp and ls. rcp is used by the client rcp program to retrieve remote files. ls can be used to browse directories.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ``anon-shell'' runs set-uid to root and passes root privilege to any commands that it runs. Thus, it is dangerous to add new commands without going over them carefully.
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