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Performance Database

The Performance Database is a publicly-accessible central repository of performance data for all ranges of machines, from personal computers to supercomputers. It provides an on-line catalog of public-domain computer benchmarks such as the LINPACK Benchmark, Perfect Benchmarks, and the NAS Parallel Benchmarks. The benchmark data are presented void of any subjective interpretations of machine performance. The Performance Database allows all branches of the computing community to archive performance metrics and makes them readily available to the public. For further details, see [1].

The performance data are stored in the performance directory in the Netlib repository. Although it is possible to download performance data using anonymous FTP or RCP, the Performance button on the Xnetlib X Windows client provides browsing and keyword searching mechanisms, as well as formatted display of the data. The Performance Database may also be accessed by opening
using a forms-capable World Wide Web browser.
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