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Netlibget, a Command-line TCP/IP Client

Users who do not have X Windows may use netlibget, a TCP/IP command-line interface to the Xnetlib servers. This command-line client is included with the Xnetlib release. To build it from the Xnetlib source, type the following:

make -f Makefile.std netlibget

Index files retrieved by netlibget should not be used by the Xnetlib X client, since they lack certain header information that the Xnetlib client expects.

Running netlibget without any options will display the following usage message:

usage: netlibget [-v|-q] [-e your_email_address] [-s server[+port]] 
       [-d|-k|-w] file or key
 -d to get dependent files
 -k for keyword search
 -ko for keyword-or search
 -ka for keyword-and search
 -w for whois search
 -v for verbose; -q for quiet

For example, to retrieve dgeco.f from linpack with dependent routines, type the following:

netlibget -d linpack/dgeco.f

For a keyword-or or keyword-and search, the list of keywords should be enclosed in single quotes. For example, to search for files whose descriptions contain the words condition and number, type the following:

netlibget -ka 'condition number'
Thu Aug 25 09:07:23 EDT 1994