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X Resources

publicData - When a user runs Xnetlib, the index files for the libraries are downloaded from the server and cached in a special directory. For sites where many people use Xnetlib, it will save disk space if users share these index files . This can be accomplished by setting the xnlPath resource to some commonly writable directory and by setting the publicData resource to True. The effect of the publicData resource is to cause all index files to be saved world writable so they can be updated by anyone. Some sites set these defaults at compile time by setting the fallback resources for these variables. (Look for fallback_resources in main.c.)

indexLifetime - controls frequency of client to server communication. This resource sets the number of days an index file will be used before Xnetlib checks with the server to find out if the file is out of date. The default value is seven days.

hostFile - sets the name of host file, which contains the lists of servers to contact. The default is $HOME/.xnetlibHosts.

email - specifies the Internet email address of the user. Xnetlib will attempt to guess the email address but will very often be wrong. The email address is recorded in the server's log and is used to inform users of software bugs and updates.

printCommand - sets the format string of the print command. It should contain a ``%s'' which is replaced when the command is executed by the name of the temporary file used in printing the text. The default is ``lpr %s''.

showWhoInfo - determines whether instructions for adding your name to the NA-NET Whitepages Database are shown in Who mode. The default is True.

entrySep - sets the string to be displayed between entries in Who mode. The default is ``---''.

xnlDownloadPath - sets the directory where files selected for downloading are to be placed. The default is $HOME/xnlFiles.

depCheck - sets the default value for dependency checking in Download mode.

confirmQuit - If the confirmQuit resource is True, you will be asked for confirmation before quitting Xnetlib.

dontWarp - turns off automatic cursor positioning if True.

okColor, badColor, and cautionColor - affect the status message window background. The defaults are green, red, and yellow.

dial, needle, ef, and gasGauge.background - affect features of the gas gauge in Download mode. The defaults are DarkViolet, yellow, red, and white.

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