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Conference Database Service

The Conference Database service currently uses the Postgres extended relational database system. Postgres is in the public domain and is available via anonymous FTP from the University of California at Berkeley. The function called by nlrexecd for this service is dataserve. dataserve takes a database-system-independent client request and translates it into the appropriate Postquel language queries which are then executed on the Postgres database.

The conference description files are stored in the confdb library in the netlib tree. The filenames for these descriptions are the Postgres Object IDs for the corresponding entries in the Postgres database. Although the descriptions themselves are not stored in Postgres, a full-text index derived from these descriptions is stored in a Postgres relation. Postgres is used to handle searching by dates, keywords, and location. A geographical database stored in a Postgres relation handles geographical aliasing and hierarchical geographical relationships (e.g., retrieving entries for Belgium when asked for those in Europe).
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