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Building Xnetlib

If you retrieved an executable (e.g., xnetlib.sun4), install it by uncompressing it and changing the mode to executable, e.g.,

        uncompress xnetlib.sun4.Z
        chmod 755 xnetlib.sun4

Xnetlib makes use of the imake facility (via xmkmf) that comes with standard X Windows distributions. A generic Makefile is provided and can be used if imake is not present on your system.

If you retrieved a compressed shar file of the Xnetlib source code, extract the files and build Xnetlib by typing

        uncompress xnetlib.shar.Z
        sh xnetlib.shar
        cd xnetlib3.4/src

After the executable is built, install it by copying the file xnetlib to an appropriate directory. There is no application defaults file to install.

  With imake} (xmkmf)


  Without imake (xmkmf)

    First edit Makefile.std to reflect your system characteristics.  
    Then type:

           make -f Makefile.std

xmkmf should be installed on your system as part of the X distribution. If you get an error on the xmkmf command, check your command search path or talk to your system manager. If you are using an IBM/RS6000, you may need to refer to the information in xnetlib3.4/doc/README.AIXv3.

For further information on system-wide installation of the Xnetlib client and on customization of the Xnetlib client, see the section in the Netlib Manager's Guide on the Xnetlib client (Section 7).
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